As with vehicles, products are often made carelessly, designed without using the most appropriate design standards, are haphazardly tested, or have insufficient instructions, warnings or labels. This includes products around the home (saws, automobile equipment, electrical appliances, toys, foods, lawnmowers, etc.) and products at work (presses, sewing machines, vehicular equipment and accessories, construction equipment, scaffolding, etc.) We have represented clients to make sure that they are made whole by those who took short cuts in placing products into the market place.

If you have been seriously injured due to a dangerous or defective product, consult an attorney at Aguilar & Aguilar P.C. to determine if you can recover for damages from the product manufacturer, distributor, or other party along the distribution chain.


While airbags can provide safety during an automobile accident, they can also be an unnecessary source of injury if they are defective. This is because they inflate at over 200 miles per hour. A defective product is already unsafe as is, let alone one travelling at over 200mph. Defective airbags can result from subpar quality control.
The following may be indications of a defective airbag:
-Airbag deployment causes blindness or trauma to the head and face – this could be the result of faulty bag design or the deployment mechanism could be defective;
-An airbag does not deploy when it is supposed to – this could be the result of a defective sensor;and
-Not all of the airbags deploy – this could be the result of faulty bag design, a defective senor, or a flawed deployment mechanism.

Heavy Machinery

Oftentimes, the results from defective heavy equipment are devastating. Heavy machinery may refer to numerous devises, including: forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, pallet jacks, or any other mobile machinery. Forklifts injure more people than any other heavy machinery. The government has reported that forklifts are the cause of over 20,000 serious injuries and 100 deaths each year. Most claims concerning heavy machinery result from the manufacturer’s inadequate design. For example, the failure to incorporate adequate safety features.


Defective power tools can cause severe harm or even death to the operator. Both power and hand tools could be defective. Lacerations, amputations, face/head injury, electrocution, and getting struck by projectiles are all possible outcomes of defective tools.
Examples of defective tools include:
-Missing safety guards;
-Exposed belts and blades;
-Faulty electrical cords;
-Cracked and split handles; and
Mushroomed heads.


There are millions of automobile accidents every year. A portion of these accidents are caused by automobile defects. Automobile defects are a serious danger to both motorists and bystanders.
The most common automobile defects are:
-Defective tractor trailer hitches;
-Inadequate weight distribution design which can cause the automobile to rollover;
-Inadequate roof design which can result in more serious injury if an automobile does rollover;
-Brake failure;
-Steering system failure;
-Seat-belt failure;
-Defective fuel systems which can result in fires;
-Electronic stability failure; and
-Computer assisted braking system failure.

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